Citroen C6 parts…

Since it’s getting more and more difficult to source parts for the Citroen C6, I figured I start comiling a list of availabilities here and there, maybe it helps somebody.

Coolant pipe degaser (part of the pipe 1351KV) made from inox by Créative Inox in France

In this video UPnDOWN mentioned aftermarket radiator and condenser bought from an ebay seller, Nissen brand.  I looked up their online catalog and found the following aftermarket products:

Part numbers in Nessen catalog: 

Radiator: 63619
Condenser: 94830
Oil Cooler: 91120, 91121, 91122
Receiver dryer: 95522
Compressor: 89398
Heater:707095, 71158
Intercooler: 96617
Egr Valve: 98237, 98240
Preassure Sensor: 301102, 301104

Chevronic announced on FB a few days ago the remanufacturing of the bulb holder 630391 starting August 2023

The   Citroen C6 Light Unit (right) – Part No: 6303 90 and  Citroen C6 Light Unit (left) – Part No: 630389 were listed available (today) at  and in Sadly this does not ship to all European countries, just a few selected ones like Holland, Germany, Belgium.

We bought some parts from der-ersatzteile-profi (bulb holders, when they still had it, and sent it to a frend in NL, who sent it to us) I saw them having these daylignt running light “glass” (it’s plastic). Search for: Original Citroen Blinkerglas rechts in Stoßfänger 630390  and Original Citroen Blinkerglas links in Stoßfänger 630389  

Currently we are waiting for the 5270VP, from Unix Auto, in Hungary, supposedly it can take up to 5 weeks to get it, if not we will get the money back.

If I know other parts (or where to get it) I will update this list. If you know any place to source C6 parts, pretty please don’t hold back do tell us 😀



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