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Coolant – Glysantin G33 (Or G30)

We switched the “regular” coolant we used before  in Maudette to the original, Citroen Peogueot PSA – Glysanting G33-23F type coolant. This is a blue coolant (not that the color is that important), original from Citroen. Was maybe a slightly bit more expensive as the coolant that was in it before.

Why do we changed it you may ask? *or not…

The story however began in Portugal. We were at a lovely reunion, where one of the local C6 experts mentioned that the cars should have a blue coolant, not pink like ours. And NOT JUST ANY blue coolant… but the original one from Citroen. And he showed us this bottle.

I have to tell you the truth, I have not given to much thought to the coolant before.  It’s coolant, it was working well, it resisted in the summer, even when outside was over 40°C, so why worry about the coolant?  But I do like to give the car the best chance to stay alive, so I figured I will try to understand what is about the coolants, so I can make the best decision for my car.

Much to my surprise, when reading about coolants the least important specification of the coolant is the COLOR. Actually it does not matter what color the coolant is, there is no color standard, and one manufacturer can make it blue the other purple or green… it’s just the die the manufacturer uses. So you can get 2 very different coolants in the same color… which can be very dangerous. So again, a very important bit of info, that I was simply not aware of.  And more interestingly all the people I have ever talked about coolant were mostly fixed on the color!

In my quest to first find out about the specifications of the coolant currently in the car, I started searching for the standard UNE-26-361-88.

And after a few days I gave up the impossible quest. I was not able to find the specification for the UNE-26-361-88 type coolant. It may be out there, but all the searches directed me to various online shops selling this type of coolant and not the specifications of it. Without the specification, I cannot compare it with Glysantin G30 (or G33).

So after giving it a second thought, we ordered the Glysantin G30 coolant and requested to be changed 😀

Will see…

P.S. One important note: do know what type of coolant is in your car, and never mix them. Mixing two different types of coolant can lead to a huge mess!  And remember, it’s not the color, it’s the coolant type what matters the most.





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