You are currently viewing Mangualde Citroen C5&C6 reunion  2022 – August 27

Mangualde Citroen C5&C6 reunion 2022 – August 27

About two weeks ago we found out about a Citroen C5 & C6 reunion in Mangualde, Portugal. After a bit of contemplating we decided to join. I sent news about the gathering to the local C6 group, but nobody else was interested to join this time.  It was a blast! Wonderful group, wonderful Citroen C5 and C6, cars in pristine condition, no scratches and general road wear signs, and of course a bunch of friendly people who all love these amazing cars.  A total of 15 cars were present, 11 C6 and 4 C5.

The gathering began at around 10AM, in front of the city hall of Mangualde, with the regular meet and greet, and of course checking out each other’s cars 😀 After this we went to a lovely local restaurant and we had some amazing traditional Portuguese food. After the restaurant we went back to pick up our cars, and drove to Stellantis Mangualde, where we visited the factory.


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