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If you see pink, panic!

Well, not to much, but it was an important lesson and luckily we didn´t learned this one the hard way:  the pink in the C6 engine bay, is no bueno. Be sure to check out the durite coolant pipes occasionally and if you see any small leak or some pink spots, try to figure out from where it´s coming. And change the pipe as soon as possible to avoid any fatal issue with it. This time  1351KV was the coolprit, luckily spoted by one of the participants of a previous KDD.

It was him who also pointed out that these durite pipes should be all changed in one go, as they are pretty much the same age. If one fails, the others will do the same soon. The problem is: slowly it´s getting harder and harder to find parts for the Citroen C6 🙁



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