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1834 km

We have a lovely 1834km behind us with Maudette, the sassy C6, and while we had a few longer trips before, this was the very first vacation we went with her. I cannot say I was confident we will get back without any issues, considering that out of the blue we had a major coolant leak a few weeks ago, and she was in service for more than 2 weeks, but I was hopeful that the trip will be “eventless” in relation with the car. And it was. Except one tiny occasion when a truck decided to just change the lanes and almost drive us off the road, nothing else to report traffic wise. We even found easy to park spots in center of Malaga, with the massive beast… how cool is that?

When planning this trip I noticed that with a minor detour (30km) we can do a speed visit to Cordoba. This we usually do to just get a glimpse of a place, catch the feeling and if we like it, we plan to go back sometime in the future. Like with Sevilla 2 years ago. It was a 3-4 hour stop, visited a few locations that were close to the center, fall in love with the place and now we look for occasion to go and spend a few days there, because it’s a really magical city.  Cordoba is also charming, and we only seen the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba, the Roman bridge and a few narrow bendy streets from the old town, but it was absolutely amazing.

Approaching the city and finding parking place was also easy, but we were completely out of the tourist  season so it might have been because of that. However it looks like they have a lot of parking places in the close vicinity of the Roman bridge, so maybe in summer is possible to find parking there.  Getting in and out form the city was also very easy.

Our next stop was Benalmádena, where we visited the Colomares Monument Castle. Lovely and charming little “castle” built in memory of  Cristobal Colon (the Spanish name of the explorer known in English as Christopher Columbus). 

Of course we snatched a photo of Maudette with it 😀

Next day we walked the Caminito del Rey.

I will stop here now 😀 But tomorrow will bring a few more photos with a lot of cars ant (old) technology because we visited some nice places 😀

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