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Peña Cabarga KDD Citröen

I was not entirely sure if we are going to manage to get there, but luckily we found a way!  Since our lamp issue is still not sorted out (will write in a separate post about it) we had to keep our driving moments to daylight. And in order to arrive to Peña Cabarga, we  estimated departure time was 3AM.  Which in normal conditions would not be an issue for us, I love to drive at these hours, but it´s a tad bit difficult with a lamp that keeps randomly turning off.

In order to get there in time, we decided to make the trip in 2 steps.  One was form home to Logroño, and the second from Logroño to Peña Cabarga.  Time wise it was ideal, we started our journey at about 13:00PM, with a short trip to Decathlon to aquire some camping stuff… We arrived just in time, before darkness, booked the camping, sorted out the tent and went to visit Logroño a little bit.  Luckily I love camping, and it gives us the freedom to go without booking or planning to much.

Logroño was a very pleasant surprise, such a lively city!  Was full of people, everybody heading to have a beer or some tapas at the restaurants.  My photos don´t really reflect the business of the streets, because I always try to make photos of only the places without to many people, but it was very nice to see people just buzzing around like crazy.

Peña Cabarga is such a lovely place, the view is simply heavenly, you can see in every direction.  It´s even nicer with more than one C6 😀

It was the first trip of our “C6 seedling”

After we hade a lovely lunch at Molino De Oscar, a we visited the Museo de la Real Fábrica de Artillería de La Cavada, an amazing testimony of past years cannon making.  The museum is run by volunteers, and it was a breath of fresh air, because you could see the passion in the eyes of our guide.

We had to say goodbye after visiting the museum, and were set to find a new accomodation for the night. We had about 2-3 hours to do so before getting dark.  The first camping was in a crazy busy seaside area, and we decided to go a bit further, to avoid the hundreds of people gathered in a very tiny place.  In about 16km we found a lovely, busy but not suffocating busy camping and we booked our night, called Camping Colombres.

The next day, we packed at around 8, and headed toward Fernando Alonso Museum near Oviedo.

The trip back was a bit long, but calm. We were expecting some busy highways being Sunday, but luckily we were heading toward the “wrong” direction, everybody was going toward Madrid, the other way was almost empty.

Arrived home in daylight without any issues.


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