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Hydraulic leak

We decided to put aside Maudette for a few weeks until the winter is over, and drove her to my in-laws, where a proper garage can house her for the time being.  It was supposed to be a temporary solution, going there once every 2-3 week when/if  the weather allows, take her to a short spin on the clean highway, but apparently Maudette decided to spill out some hydraulic liquid…

We got a call from my brother in law about the spill under the car 🙁 just abou 2 weeks in her winter hibernation. Initially it was weird, to see a yellow liquid under the car, because as far as I know, the hydraulic liquid used in the C6 is red… Checked all the liquids in the car, and this was the only one missing from the tank. The amount is not extremely huge, despite the fact that the on the ground there is a massive stain… the LDS liquid has the tendency to “go everywhere”…

I tried to look a bit inside, if I could spot anything, but the engine bay is very crowded so I had no luck. I THINK I spotted a tube that had a “shiny” coat, but that´s just one possibility from many many other possibilities for the issue.

I looked at the diagram, and I think it could be the pipe no. 7 from the below drawing which is 4012 G3 / STEERING LOW PRESSURE PIPE.

I found one original online in Greace! so I ordered it and now I wait. In meantime, my husband ordered 2 bottles of LDS, and no we wait for the parts to arrive.

We have an inspection pit under the car in the garage, so we will be able to remove the protective cover, and see it from below, and already talked with our local Citroen guru, to come and see it in place, so hopefully after we have the parts, we will be able to figure out what´s wrong.

So far everything still works on the car, I mean steering is light, the car raises to driving position… so fingers crossed!

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