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Life with a C6 – coolant leak

If you are looking to spice up your life… I have the perfect recommendation 😀  Get a Citroen C6, and you will never be bored again. And you never know what surprises are thrown your  way.  Like Maudette yesterday… we went to pick up a package to the city (25km), and  came back… On the road there… and back pretty much everything was ok… But when arrived home, not so much…

Luckily and idiot parked in front of the garage.  The owner of the white van went shopping to the nearest patisserie, and figured it’s a good spot to park his car. The common entry to 7 garages.. because “my mother lives in the same building”…  What can I say? Some people are just idiots and unfortunately they live among us. And while we were waiting (15minutes), husband noticed the coolant leaking out from the car. Today went to check and was expecting to see the coolant level very low, but to my surprise, the amount missing is not extremely much! Not sure if this a good or bad sign 🙂 Tomorrow we go to pick up Xavier… he was scheduled for a solid inspection, and an oil change for the gearbox, but will have to wait because we now don’t have a usable car.




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