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Oil pump

Video from the.flying.carpet_c6  (thanks for the video!)

The above oil pump is from 15 year old C6 (2.7) with 152 000 km. I think it’s safe to say, that we will need to be very vigilant with our cars regarding the oil pumps. From the information I managed to gather , I arrived to the conclusion that changing the oil pump at the same time the timing belt is changed would be a very good idea.  To bad I found this information late, we could have done this change when Maudette’s timing belt was changed and have a better sleep at night.  Anyhow, it’s on the todo list now…, but it will need to be postponed for a little while, as we have other more important issues to fix with Xavier (the torque converter, timing belt, water pump and so on…)

What I find fascinating is how much precision goes into these pumps! I have to say,  I had no idea about how little room for error is inside such a pump.  But thanks to the below video, I have now a better understanding and for sure I would never ever consider a second hand oil pump to go on the car. I have to admit, before seeing the videos I was like, well it’s a pump, if it pumps the oil, what’s the issue with it… Well, apparently many issues can be with it if the pump gets used up! .

For Xavier, when we are going to do the timing belt change and whatnot, this pump is surely going to be changed and inspected. I am curious about the wear on ours!

This is the pump in from the video:  *reference data for myself in case we need it…

FAI AutoParts Bomba de aceite con juntas

Número de artículo: OP335
  • Variante de equipamiento:Without Solenoid
  • Artículo complementario/Información complementaria:con juntas
  • FAI AutoParts:Bomba de aceite
  • Número de artículo:OP335
  • Nuestro precio:228,08 €
  • Número de referencia del fabricante:OP335
  • Fabricante de piezas:FAI AutoParts
  • Números de EAN:5027049486294

from here

I saved these reference numbers, maybe in the future they will be important 😀

Número(s) de referencia OEM comparable(s) con el número de la pieza de recambio original

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