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Tight Spot…

Monday is an official holiday here in Spain, and December 8 is also a holiday so many people have free days on Tuesday as well, calling this as a “puente”. When “puente” happens, every remote location is filled with tourists and because of that I hate to leave the house 😀 , but  this time our friends rented an apartment in the village called Mora de Rubielos and invited us to visit them while there.  So yesterday we packed our car with the inflatable bed, some sleeping bags and food and headed their way.

We followed the GPS to take us to the address. As we already know, it’s not always the best idea 😀

Following the instructions, I went right from the main road on the above narrow road… The beginning is extreme, just a narrow road… . Only after I got closer to the house, I noticed that the road will become even tighter.  Getting back in reverse was not something I was looking forward, so we stopped before entering this narrow pathway. Husband jumped out of the cur, made a totally unscientific measurement with his hands wide open, and than went to the wall and did the same on the tightest spot too… From this measurement we concluded the car will fit to cross here, BUT with very very much precision as there were about 5cme left on each side of the car.  I have to admit, it was a bit sweating hot in the car, but managed to cross without touching anything,  in the tightest spot I only had to close the mirrors of the car to fit properly.

After we crossed this section, the road became wider, we were even able to finding a parking spot before the empty house. Getting out from this area was easier, because it turned out to be a slightly wider (not to wide…) street from the other side.

As an interesting fact from Spain: not all the garage looking doors are garages.  Basically the garages are marked with a “Vado Permanente” sign, attached to the door and the edge of the sidewalk painted yellow. If it’s just a door, without the 2 markings, you are free to park there.



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