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EGR and oil change

Not so long ago our intermitent EGR valve error turned into a permanent error resulting a bright yellow light on the dashboard. We hoped that the thing will fix itself (haha, yeah right) , as it did before, but nope, this time it was not going away.  Egr change was booked at our fiendly  local service.  (I just hope they won´t end up hating us :D)

A day before the EGR replacement we had to visit some friends. We regularly check the oil level with the dipstick, and until two days ago, the level was nicely in the middle. But two days ago, the oil level was much higher, so we knew something is not ok.  Most probably the blocked EGR valve caused the engine to have more junk in it, and that ended up in the oil.  We requested an oil change immediately.

Happy to announce you, the garrage was up to the challenge, they changed the EGR, and the oil, and the car runs amazingly smooth now.

Here is a little explanation of what´s happening and why it´s dangerous to  to keep the contaminated oil in the car…

I wish I had access to some lab and regularly send them oil samples, to see how much contamination ends up in the oil, but the sad thing is, that an oil check is more costly than an oil change.

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